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"Princess" Oval Brush 1

Star Rabbit "Princess" Brushes 1 series sweep

Tutorial / Teaching:





• "Princess" Brushes series sweep is 1 large oval design, suitable for a wide range of face painting.
• This Multifunctional Brushes, whether on the foundation, hold & Powder, shadow, highlight all your good helper, thick wool sweep head more comfortably soft and evenly evenly foundation to a comprehensive and do not need to worry about the emergence of chalk marks . After it is all stained with cosmetics can be applied on the face, will not
Cosmetics waste situation.
• Modern, efficiency, large makeup brush makeup can certainly save time, just a few seconds of time have been able to better the whole makeup, quickly complete the perfect makeup.
• with rose gold and white colors elegance handle design, carefully selected high-quality and extremely thick soft rayon hair, so that users at the time of the makeup process if there like a princess off to enjoy with family and honorable fashion charm.

Suitable for:
* Makeup
* Powder / powder
* Bronze powder mixed
* Modified outline and shadow
* Modified outline and shadow
* For a wide range of facial and body
Origin / manufacturing methods
China / Japan Monitor

"Princess" Oval Brush 1

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