"Princess" Brushes 3 series sweep

"Princess" Brushes series sweep is No. 3 oval multifunction makeup brush, sweep head size just fit cheek, very suitable
Cheek makeup, such as smear rouge, shadows, etc., can also simultaneously with eye shadow, foundation used to break Brushes with solid purpose,
A makeup brush can already have multiple uses.
• medium size makeup brush can make you more likely to draw the cosmetic component, even if the initial use of elliptical Brushes need not be afraid, makeup
Process becomes more approachable.
• with rose gold and white colors elegance handle design, carefully selected high-quality and extremely thick soft rayon hair,
So that users at the time of the makeup process if there like a princess off to enjoy with family and honorable fashion charm.

Suitable for:
* Makeup
* Powder / powder
* Bronze powder mixed
* Modified outline and shadow
* Modified contour and
* Lighting
Origin / manufacturing methods
China / Japan Monitor

"Princess" Brushes 3 series sweep


    Hong Kong Address

    Chiu Tat Factory Building, Unit C, Room 15 , 14/F, 108 - 110 King Fuk Street, Kowloon, HK


    852-3498 3992


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