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Sing Sing Rabbit Cute Cat Toy

Sing Sing Rabbit new cat wand is a perfect interactive toy for owners to pass their love to their lovely kitten. With cute image, colorful feathers and silvery notes of the little bells, will absolutely draw your lovely cat’s attention and engage the cat’s natural instinct to hunt and chase. No cat could miss this new Sing Sing Rabbit products.

Tips for playing fun with cats 

Tip1: Bird style-
Hold the Sing Sing Rabbit cat toy in a high position and move them like a bird. When the cat wand flies through the air, the motion is like a real bird flapping its wings, so they will jump up and try to pounce the feathers. It is a good way to give your cat exercise and train their whole body’s muscle. Finally, they will become a fit and healthy kitty.

Tip2: Mouse style-
Can you hear the mice squeaking? Hold the cat wand on the floor, and move it quickly like a mouse, you will feel that something is watching you obviously. Suddenly a running race starts. Who will win this competition?

Tip3: Hide and seek style-
What is the mysterious object under the pillow? Use a cloth or pillow to cover the cat wand, with just a bit of an occasionally quivering tail sticking out, she may be planning a surprise attack.  

Tip4: Escape style-
Yeah, yeah, almost can swat it! High speed movement in a dynamic process of the cat wand can make your kitty hyperactive and more energetic to chase the toy!

Have you learnt about it? Let’s go to get a Sing Sing Rabbit cat wand and try these tips tonight, magic will be happen to your lazy cat.

Product Description
●    Catnip Infused
●    Color: Red/ Yellow/ Blue
●    Wand length: 45cm 
●    Plush and feather length: 7CM
●    High quality and safe plush materials used
●    Origin: China

Sing Sing Rabbit Cute Cat Toy

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