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Sing Sing Rabbit Cute Helmet iPhone Case


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    * Size specification
    IPhone 6 / 6S / 6 Plus / 7 / 7Plus
    -Pc soft material production
    - soft texture
    - full quadrilateral protection
    - High strength protective housing

    Following the first time last year authorized Wit's International manufacturing transparent mobile phone shell after the big praise, the stars and then the next city! This year launched a variety of matte exquisite phone shell, from the lovely wind to the type of tastes, for your phone shell brings numerous new fun! Each with a different size of mobile phone shells in line with the use of different Apple phone models you!

    Star Rabbit wearing a blue helmet special show her lovely, fat and hairy face, and the background with a modern retro and colorful colors to increase the vitality of the feeling, if you star rabbit friends Use the post will become even more lovely Oh.
    Origin / manufacturing method
    Hong Kong
    Origin / manufacturing method
    Hong Kong

Sing Sing Rabbit Cute Helmet iPhone Case

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