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Sing Sing Rabbit Rabbit Heart Warming Gift Box


Gift Box includes:
A. Sing Sing Rabbit super soft warm handbag
Product size: 215x110x18mm
Product material: high-grade flannel (when using hand warmers, it can quickly absorb energy and release heat evenly, so as to avoid scalding the skin due to overheating.)

*Sing Sing Rabbit super soft handbag, skin-friendly hand feels warm along with it, making life more warm.
* Multi-purpose bag, it can be used as hand warmer, charger and diagonal bag.
*Exciting cute shape, cute and fashionable rabbit shape.

B. 10000mAh mobile power bank and hand warmer for dual use
Product size: 6.5 x9.5 cm
Product material: Graphene heating sheet
Heating temperature: single side heating (temperature constant to 65 degrees)

Fast warming in 5 seconds.
Long-lasting insulation, lasting 5 to 8 hours, evenly delivered warmth.
It's warm immediately after turning on, no need to wait. (Note: The smart timing heating will stop working after 1 hour, and the charger can be restarted to continue using)

C. Sing Sing Rabbit Keychain (Mint)
Product size: 22cm
Product material: metal + PVC soft glue
High-quality silicone material!
Cute and small, easy to carry around!
The metal coil has undergone rigorous testing, with good safety performance and strong flexibility!
PVC soft tape, environmental protection and non-toxic, rest assured to use!

Product use instructions:

Hand warmer function:
*Put the mobile power bank into handbag and then insert the USB into the 5V/2A socket of the mobile power bank, it will heat up immediately.

Charger function:
*The mobile power bank has dual USB output, which is a hand warmer and a charger with dual purposes.

Slant bag function: The small hand warmer comes with a strap that can change it into a slant bag in seconds, which can store mobile phones, lipsticks, coins and other small items.

Sing Sing Rabbit Rabbit Heart Warming Gift Box

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