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SingSing Rabbit Warm Lunch Bag

Star Rabbit Sing Sing Rabbit Warm Lunch Bag

* Material Description: Canvas / Silver Insulation Inner Layer / Polymer Fiber / Cable
* Size about: 34cm (W) x 20cm (H) x 10cm (D)

In 2010 the successful shooting of space mv cartoon singer star rabbit founded cartoon creative brand is a multi-creative, on behalf of the dream of the spirit of the Hong Kong brand itself is a singer star rabbit began to build products last year, which contains type lattice, lovely and noble different image , Hoping to meet different levels and age friends.

Hong Kong and Asia's well-known days Kelly Kelly Kelly are like star rabbit products, star rabbits holding lunch bags to the stars of the rabbit signs blue and white design, both sides of the use of a different lovely shape, special warm material bags for everyone busy every day to provide full Warm food and lunch.

Watching her by the original only with the release of limited edition products to the fans, to now a short period of one year in Hong Kong has more than 30 selling points. Recently, even South Korean buyers are also discussing the introduction of the brand with the stars to South Korea sales, we can see the stars rabbit products are very popular, take her home and give love! May all your dreams come true

SingSing Rabbit Warm Lunch Bag

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