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SSR X Inscape studio Figure Project

Inscape studio’s are working with seven designers to launch a blind box series, The Seven Bubbles, combining seven different elements and styles from each artist and their signature characters/mascots already making their debut at TTF 2020. Artists include Art Junkie, tommyyuexanimals, TinBot, Underthepillow, Crossover CRX, Inscape, BigClawX and Classicbot. We get to see the first look! now the time has come for the pre-orders to open worldwide.

Inscape Project

New song

If I Can See You Again

in Deemo

if... big up banner.jpg

In 2020, Sing Sing Rabbit’s new song “If I Can See You Again” features famous music mobile game 「Deemo」 which has over 10 million downloads worldwide. Fans can now have a new and exciting experience to enjoy Sing Sing Rabbit’s music by playing this game!


Sing Sing Rabbit X LAND KWAI FONG

Lan Kwai Fong Japan Carnival​ 'COOL JAPAN' 2018


Sing Sing Rabbit attend in the Lan Kwai Fong Japan Carnival 'COOL JAPAN' 2018. The theme of  Japanese Style of Sing Sing Rabbit would appear in the whole street in Lan Kwai Fong which create the mood for visitor to enjoy the Japanese theme. The carnival would be in progress on 10/11 - 11/11 in Lan Kwai Fong and the carnival would include the activity of  trying on yukata for free and also include different sake for visitor to enjoy the carnival. Lan Kwai Fong would also provide different booth and cruise to attract visitor and Sing Sing Rabbit have the honor of holding a food booth with Donald that would cook delicious food for visitor. Let's come and join us!

Fortune Malls

Sing Sing Rabbit X Fortune Malls

Autumn『STAR』Festival Party Mall Decoration


This Autumn, Fortune Malls X Sing Sing Rabbit is holding a party -  Autumn『STAR』Festival Party. The cutest character Sing Sing Rabbit arrived Fortune Metropolis and Ma On Shan Plaza with her friends and invite all of you to having the campfire party and dessert workshop. Let's come to Fortune Malls to selfie with Sing Sing Rabbit!

SPCA mooncakes

Sing Sing Rabbit X SPCA

Sing Sing Rabbit Mooncakes